Angular Js

Angular Js

Angular JS is a web application open source framework with its latest version of 1.4.3. In order to design and generate dynamic web pages Angular JS is highly recommended as it enables the developers to intensify HTML syntax in to support and manage the application components and entities vastly. However, there is no requirement of building heavy and complex codes. The components of Angular JS are ng- model, ng- app and ng- bind.

Know the ground- breaking features of Angular JS:

  • Scope, Templates and Routing
  • Deep Linking and Dependency Injection
  • Data-binding and services
  • ontroller, Filters and Directives

These are the immaculate features of Angular JS available with our programming language service department:

  • It offers the capability to generate single page application in a maintainable and clear manner.
  • Wide-ranging reusable components and entities
  • With Angular JS the users get incredibly rich experience as it has a data binding feature that facilitates the HTML.
  • High functionality at lesser written or lesser complicated codes with Angular JS.
  • It generally has pure controllers written or pure html pages in order to do JavaScript business processing.
  • Angular JS has all codes that are unit testable.
  • Injection dependency with separation of concerns.