Active Server Pages

ASP.NET is a unified and revolutionary web development model aesthetically proven as a powerful tool to build enterprise- class responsive websites with CSSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript. Consequently, minimum coding is prerequisite to code elite applications with .NET framework. ASP.NET executes a single model page where either of the languages get blended with codes and functions astonishingly smooth. Any new application can be designed or codded in any language that is common and compatible with CLR or common language runtime inclusive of C# or Microsoft Visual Basic. One of the prominent ASP.NET programming models are ASP.NET web pages, ASP.NET visual studio, ASP.NET MVC and ASP.NET Single page applications. Server code, client- script, server controls and HTML are the core entities vital in programming with ASP.NET. The dedicated browser can easily render the complied and generated HTML mark- ups.

Review the amazing benefits of ASP.NET Web Forms:

  • ASP.NET is crowned as one of the finest, mature and stable programming platforms and very flexible as the third party of user controls can be fixed with ASP.NET.
  • As per ASP.NET Microsoft technology, executed codes functions commendably and generate navigate- friendly and dynamic web pages that get instantly at the client device or the browser. Therefore, no more significant delays or loss of information.
  • Microsoft Visual C# and Microsoft Visual Basic are two compatible languages that support .NET platform as common language.
  • ASP.NET is very compatible with any mobile device or browser. ASP.NET platform can easily browse through or run over the correct browser HTML pages inclusive of other features such as layout, style and newly added entities.
  • Type safety, inheritance and a managed environment is the key benefits of building web pages on the Microsoft ASP.NET platform.
  • Rapid development, productivity and excellence data- driven abilities are ideal for generating in- line business applications.