MS Azure

MS Azure

MS Azure is a fine Microsoft product that is exclusively designed and introduced as a cloud computing platform in order to create, manage and develop the loose application as desired. It offers LaaS and PaaS services that can function on different programming languages, frameworks and tools inclusive of third party systems. Microsoft MS Azure was earlier introduced as Windows Azure that is highly helpful in managing the web and publish the web sites.

MS Azure works impeccably outstanding with PHP, ASP.NET, Python and Node, Js. It can run on wide- ranging devices such as iOS, MacOS X, Windows and Android.

    Following are the significant MS Azure services that are provided by us:

  • Migration services and cloud development
  • Migration of applications and database to the targeted Cloud
  • Hybrid and innovative planning, development, implementation of all applications
  • Re- constructed, re- designed and re- engineered development and design inclusive of Greenfield.

The core benefits that are provided by our MS Azure services are:

Migration and Cloud development services:

Swift application migration and hassle-free development services with 0% chances of data loss. Impeccable operations without any information drop.

Cloud Advisory Facility:

A very careful, risk- free and quality Cloud adoption of designed and approved roadmap.

Screening, deploying and maintaining services:

A top-notch, 100% risk- free and flawless results of SLA- cased support in order to improve the governance.

Dynamic tools with accelerators:

Easy support, maintenance and designing of prime class application structure with an expected reduction of 30% in the input or associated efforts.