Crystal Report

Crystal reporting is an innovative software with remarkable features that help the end- clients to retrieve or consume or download the constructed reporting blended with premium quality and very interactive visuals. This software has wide-ranging rich and actionable data formats that are very capable of managing the data or stats in a stunning manner. However, the concept of crystal reporting is quite simple and less complicated than the outdated reporting software.

Our dedicated crystal reporting can easily connect to all the data types inclusive of OLAP or online analytical processing and XML. Rational database that are available with crystal reporting are log files, spreadsheets, OLAP cubes, applications and charts.

Following are the highly productive crystal report features that are offered by us:

  • Automatic patch notification and installation and HTML preview
  • Workbench tools of high quality for managing the various projects
  • Multilingual report generation, preview and downloads
  • Graphical table linking and box & line objects.
  • Multipurpose report generation with customizable with formulas, group details and text formatting
  • Unicode text and data with vector- based images and summaries.
  • Dynamic imaging, XSTL formation and transformation to XML reports
  • Changeable parameters and value without refreshing it
  • Formula oriented pages with optional parameters