jQuery is a simple and one of the highly used JavaScript libarary that is cross- platform in nature and is invented to easily navigate a simple document, create animations, select DOM elements or entities, develop Ajax applications and handle events. With a MIT license and open- source software, jQuery creates one of the hassle- free and powerful webpages without any high-end architecture demands.

jQuery has the below given commendable features that make it high in demand among global developers:

  • Animation and effects
  • JSON parsing and plug-in extensibility
  • Multi- browser support and AJAX
  • Promised and deferred objects with asynchronous procedures.
  • DOM manipulation such as class, iD and criteria and DOM elements
  • Compatibility with the latest browsers as no requirements of getting back to the older ones.
  • We provide the following mentioned advantageous of jQuery:

    Clarity and Brevity:

    This programming language is typically a fan of clarity and brevity is what we add on to it. Shorthand functions and chainable functions are associated with jQuery.

    Extensible and Expandable:

    All the new features such as elements, methods and events can be added to our designed jQuery structure at ease.
    Separation promoter of HTML and JavaScript.
    Cross- browser incompatibilities are left.