Node Js

Node Js

Node JS is one of the most sought after and revolutionary cross- platform, open source and runtime environment that is recommended for generating or building networking and server- side applications. This programming language can run on Linux, Microsoft Windows and OS X. With a rich library of simplified modules, Node JS is widely used to design web applications to a great extent.

The latest and prominent users of Node JS are Uber, Microsoft, GoDaddy, Yahoo, eBay, General Electric and Wikipins.

Where to implement Node JS?

  • Data Streaming Applications
  • Single Page Applications
  • DIRT or data intensive real time applications
  • I/O bound applications
  • JSON APIs applications
    • Significant features of Node JS available at Dot Net Agency to facilitate the clients are as following:

      • Event drive and Asynchronous with Node.JS library that is pretentiously non-blocking. Node.js server does not wait to receive the data response from an API. Eventually, the notification mechanism of Node.JS events enable the server to submit the response.
      • No buffering is required with Node JS as the applications or the targeted data simply come out as an output in the form of data chunks than buffering.
      • Super-fast Node. JS library as it is built on Google Chrome’s V8 JavaScript.
      • Highly scalable but single thread with event looping and threaded models.