SQL Server Integration Services

SQL service integration services are introduced by Microsoft to all the medium- large business enterprises in order to access, integrate and transform the desired data on Microsoft’s SQL server. Now, consolidate, integrate, and extract the XML files to flat or simple data files. Moreover, we rely upon SQL Server Management Studio of Microsoft to generate, test and integrate the various programming files.

A dedicated data import and export wizard is a blessing for the entrepreneurs who seek for instant file or data exchange in SSIS.

Following are the exclusive benefits that our customers are enjoying by availing our professional SQL server integration services:

  • SSIS has the ability to fetch the input data from different sources and can integrate or transform it without any requirement of staging area.
  • Because of strong package logic, the debugging is quite simple.
  • Parallel execution of data is allowed and supported in SSIS.
  • Date from heterogeneous and other resources can be handled at once without any data loss.
  • SSIS allows the clear visual presentation of the completed data work.
  • A very sophisticated and appropriate error handling system with multi- step operations.
  • HTTP, FTP,T- SQL, SMO and MSMQ are the data types that can be designed and developed with the time factor.