Single sign on with identity server configuration

Single sign on is a revolutionary method that allows the new website users to enter their customer id or login id and password in order to authenticate the details. Through this, unlimited users get permitted to execute multiple applications but via using a particularly approved login id and password. In a nut shell, it is popular as an independent software that guarantees no theft or stealing of user data. Only way to get out of the authentic user area is to Sign out. Also renowned as a secure procedure to credential losses, the SSO involves OpenID, OAuth, Open ID Connect and Facebook Connect entities. Light Weight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP automatically stored on the database that is also called as directory servers.

    The prominent SSO segments are:

  • Password Synchronization
  • “True” SSO
  • Enterprise SSO
  • Web SSO
  • And, Federation

    Commendable SSO benefits that are proffered by us to keep our clients as step ahead than its competitors are:

  • SAML or Security support assertion language is entirely influenced by XML in order to exchange the authorization and authentication between the two different parties.
  • It controls the help desk expanses by cutting short to a long list of login ids and passwords. Complex and lengthy passwords are managed by providing direct user suggestions into less complex and non- alphanumeric characters.
  • Enhanced customer satisfaction by granting user- friendly navigation and interaction process. Initial level user leads convert into long- term client potentials.
  • Improvement in security capabilities and compliance with minimized risk of weaken securities.
  • Facility of incredible B2B collaboration by implementing and authorizing the login mechanism.