SQL Server Reporting Services

SSRS or SQL server reporting services is a Microsoft’s product vastly used to generate exclusive reports on the SQL server faster and accurately. A large volume of reports is easily generated and delivered precisely via a web interface. SSRS is integrated with business intelligence tools and crystal reporting. A client- end can easily generate, manage, review and retrieve reports time-to-time.

Intuitive and informative reports combines the data and the desired inputs from many sources in order to generate a bundle of reports of SSRS.

We offer the following mentioned advantageous of SQL Service Reporting Services:

  • Faster consumption of cube and rational data for supporting the faster report generation.
  • Efficient and direct reporting system with respect to production of reports residing in MS SQL and Oracle.
  • Centralized reporting system based on MRS or Microsoft Reporting Services.
  • Powerful reporting engine in order to administrate and review the all the reports.
  • With XML, design, generate and render all the reports integrated with visual studios.
  • Matrix functions as a pivotal table that contains computed data that is quite easy and useful.
  • No requirement of IS and IT resources as the business can self- serve in terms of decision making, retrieving information, feeding and editing.
  • No exclusive expert skill sets are required