Visual Basic

VB.NET is a Microsoft product that is an integration of Visual Basic and .NET framework that relies upon GUI (Graphical User Interface) to select as well to modify the structure code of BASIC programming language. VB is not merely a multi- paradigm language but integrated with IDE effect that is standard for Integrated Development Environment. As having a simple structure, VB.NET has easy to executable programming codes with process an appealing and sensible output with generation of GUI. Integrated with revolutionary platform of .NET, VB programs utilize a less- complicated set of tools in order to retain and execute a couple of beneficial features as per the client system demands.

Following are the exquisite tools that are proffered by Microsoft for VB.NET programming platform:

  • Visual Web Developer
  • Visual Basic 2010 Express (VBE)
  • Visual Studio 2010 (VS)
With the execution of Visual Web Developer and Visual Basic 2010 express a set of all sorts of VB.NET programs can be developed with easy command applications. Nonetheless, .NET is renowned to be a commendable cross- application platform that provides excellent results while integrated and optimized with Linux like advanced tools. The outcome of VB.NET can smoothly functions over iOS, Windows, Linux, Unix, BSD, OS X, Android and Solaris.

Remarkable features of VB.NET programming platform:

  • Component integration is VB’s core feature which is attuned with Microsoft official COM (component object model)
  • COM have the certainty to get linked to or embedded with a particular application’s User Interface and stored in OLE documents.
  • COM can be distinctively upgraded to DCOM with constructive applications.
  • Rapid Application Development is one of the beneficial features of VB-IDE. Graphical user interfaces can be developed to empower the user interface applications.
  • VB is capable of delivering a content- sensitive and comprehensively interactive help system