Web service

A web service utilizes standard XML message system as a pieces of software that is customizable and available over the internet for the users. In a nut shell, to evoke a particular web service a client needs to transmit an XML message over the web and awaits for the response vice & versa. Static, dynamic, modular, distributes and self- contained are the primary keywords that define the basic to advanced level web services. Web services do not share a correlation with only one programming languages or operating system. These services are available for introducing or promoting or endorsing the client products, services and chain supplies. Publishing, invoking and locating of client prerequisites is accomplished over the web as per the requirement.

Objects, modules, documents, programs and applications build and function over the World Wide Web after a systematic implementation and interaction.

Let us learn about the major components of a web service:

  • UDDI or Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
  • SOAP or Simple Object Access Protocol
  • WSDL or Web Services Description Language

How Dot Net Agency helps its clients to complete Web Services in order to meet up their requirements:

  • Our competent web services are available for Intranet or Private networks and Internet or World Wide Web
  • Our web services are accessible via simple mechanism
  • Common XML grammar empowers our routed web services
  • Standard XML messaging is only used to integrate our web services
  • Our web services are not biased on to one programming language or operating system.