Windows Identity Foundation

WIF or Windows Identification Server is a software framework that is introduced by Microsoft for creating identity- aware applications. WIF offers APIs for creating WCF and ASP.NET based upon the security token services inclusive of federation capable applications. This identity model framework supports necessary features of generating custom built STS standards and implementations.

However, with WIF, a programmer or developers needs to plan or develop a lot lesser codes as it has a more flexible mechanism for authorizing calls and authorization.

    Following are the grand features of Widows Identification Server that enable a software framework to function incredibility:

  • WIF enables and supports the developers to generate a set of primary applications through immaculate programming interfaces in which the developers design, plan and write the codes to access the decision application basis.
  • ASP.NET controls to enable the developers to generate the web pages in existing claim- aware programs and applications.
  • Custom security tokens are planned and generated with the help of WEF or ASP.NET that save a lot of time.
  • Hassle- free and understandable templates in order to help the developers to support claim- aware applications.
  • It evokes and facilitates the functionality that enables the identities to be managed and promotes the delegation of claims.
  • A trust basis relationship is build and supported between a STS or security token service or RP or replying party application.
  • It enables a proper utility initiates and translates the claims between NT tokens, thus, applications can easily access required NT- token identities.